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Chutes for Steel Making

Engineered for Smooth Flow

& Reduced Costs in Minerals & Steel


Control Dust, Minimise Wear.

See the Difference with Weba

Transfer chutes leading into a plant that handles material destined for furnaces and power generation applications commonly experience degradation, dust and impact challenges. Once the material is in the plant and needs to be bifurcated to multiple screens, material segregation becomes an additional challengeAt Weba, we are known for overcoming these challenges. 

Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive site visit from our skilled technical team to fully assess the existing materials handling system and the issues being experienced by the plant. 

With the data collected from the customer and site visit, we can produce an engineered solution to overcome the challenges of material degradation, excessive dust and material segregation while ensuring optimum screen presentation and screen efficiency. 


Reducing material degradation reduces dust and noise pollution and avoids fines. It decreases wear, ensuring a longer life for the replaceable parts. Absolute control of the discharge velocity of the material has been key to controlling screen presentation. The Weba Chute can present the material in an even spread at the feed end of the screen. The custom-engineered chutes have also eliminated the dead zones at the back of the screen deck resulting in improved screen efficiency.

Our chutes at Isdemir are good examples of engineered transfer points lowering operational costs. We encourage end-users of minerals beneficiation and steel plants to contact us to address material transfer issues.