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Chute Installation, Supervision & Maintenance

Our Transfer Chute Expertise
Fuels Safety, Savings, and Sustainability

Tailored solutions for optimal

transfer chute performance

In our ever-evolving and dynamic industry, we take great pride in our continuous dedication to understanding our clients’ evolving needs. This commitment drives us to offer tailored and all-encompassing services, ensuring that our clients consistently enjoy the peak performance of their transfer chutes. This, in turn, leads to substantial advantages in safety, environmental impact, and financial efficiency. 

Our services include: 

  • On-site Inspections
  • Maintenance Trend Reporting
  • Maintenance, Supervision, and Service Contracts
  • Supply of Required Spares 
  • Construction Services 
  • Installation Technical Assistance 
  • Maintenance Services 
  • Safety and Compliance 
  • Inspection Services 

Our adept teams conduct on-site inspections to evaluate the performance of transfer chutes, guaranteeing they meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


We provide comprehensive maintenance trend reports that offer invaluable insights into the condition of your chutes and suggest potential improvements. 

Tailored to your specific needs, our maintenance contracts are designed to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your installations. We can station an installation crew on-site or provide maintenance services on designated intervals. 


We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts, ensuring you have ready access to the components necessary for the seamless operation of your transfer chutes. 


Our experienced team provides a full spectrum of construction services, from turnkey installations to expert supervision and consultation, based on the unique requirements of each client. 


Once your chute is manufactured to meet your expectations and regulatory standards, our skilled team offers turnkey installation services and expert supervision to ensure the seamless integration of your new equipment. 


We adhere to the latest rules and site-specific requirements, making safety our foremost priority. Our commitment to safety ensures that every solution we offer is aligned with the highest industry standards. 


As an added value service, our field advisors perform routine inspections of all operational chutes. These assessments not only assess wear status but also identify opportunities for performance enhancements. The insights gained from these comprehensive inspections help establish wear patterns and detect changes in operating conditions. Ultimately, they enable end users to proactively monitor and prepare for maintenance, minimizing any disruptions to production.