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Chutes for Mining

Low-maintenance solutions
We Transform Bulk Material Handling

Unlocking Cost Savings

Boosting Efficiency

The Weba Chute System offers a unique approach to the handling of bulk materials in the mining industry. A slow-motion view of the transfer process demonstrates how the bottom layer of particles in the product stream moves in a tumbling motion rather than gliding down the chute. This motion significantly reduces wear, and often the lip remains wholly covered by material, which results in it never needing replacement. 

Conventional chute design can produce an uncontrolled discharge of bulk materials, escalating maintenance and replacement costs. Additionally, the high levels of dust at conventional transfer points are aggravating in facilities where coal and mineral ores are handled or processed.  

The Weba Chute System takes material movement control to a new level. The design of the internal angle of the transfer chute matches the belt speed, which reduces or eliminates spillage and significantly decreases the presence of dust.