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Engineered Design

Importance of Transfer Chutes In
Bulk Handling Operations

The application of transfer chutes is central to any operation in the bulk handling industry. The mining sector, in particular, presents a number of challenges due to the nature and volume of the material being transferred from one point to another.


Optimising Transfer Point Design:

Challenges and Solutions

Regardless of the direction or type of transfer, there are some design requirements that require specific attention. These include reducing dust, the elimination of blockages, reducing wear on chute liners and providing the correct discharge velocity, as well as minimising material degradation and conveyor belt wear.

Weba Chute Systems maintains that there is a need to challenge conventional thinking around chute systems and transfer points. The current trend seems to be that the company is called in to supply appropriate solutions to recently installed chute systems that are not fully operational. This is a huge concern and needs to be addressed as a top priority.

We urge engineers to consult with Weba Chute Systems during this vital phase. The experience and expertise we have gained, during thousands of installations, is available to assist engineers both in the design of new transfer points and the redesign of existing systems that are becoming too expensive to operate.

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Challenges in Conventional Chute Design

Impact and Spillage Issues


Maintenance and Safety Concerns


Proper Chute Liner Installation

Importance of Efficient Conveyor Systems

Comprehensive Analysis and Design Solutions