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Chutes for Food Industry

Solving Sticky Material Challenges
With Smart Transfer Solutions

Strategic Solutions

for Efficient Material Transfer

Conveying sticky materials is a challenging task for both manufacturers and processors. The materials can potentially adhere to the equipment, affect its throughput negatively, and contribute to downtime due to severe material build-up. 

To convey sticky materials successfully, you need to select the right equipment to facilitate material flow and prevents items from clinging together.  

Some products and materials have inherently sticky characteristics that cause them to cohere. This can be due to several factors like the presence of moisture or a static charge build-up. Most of these problems can be particularly acute in the food industry, where transfer chutes often get clogged from materials such as trail mixes and soluble tea. 


We adopt a scientific approach in tackling the dynamics of bulk material transfer for a more efficient solution. This helps minimise equipment maintenance, facilitate transfer conditions, contribute to higher throughput, and extends conveyor belt life.  

When tasked to solve issues such as chute blockages and high amounts of spillage that result in plant stoppages, shortfalls in production targets and costly downtime, we adopted a strategy of partnering with Brelko to provide spillage control measures while Weba Chute Systems addressed the material flow issues.  

With our understanding of material flow and our in-house design capability, we studied the requirements of the beverage plant. We paid close attention to the materials used for the transfer chute, like food-grade stainless steel and polyurethane components. Our team engineered solutions for an existing footprint that caters to constrained spaces and accommodated existing walls and walkways.  

To ensure a fit-for-purpose transfer point solution, we have performance guarantees set in accordance with application and operational parameters. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are in a prime position to provide efficient material transfer solutions regardless of industry.