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Weba Chutes

Innovative Transfer Chute Solutions that Build a Sustainable Future

The Weba Chute System is engineered to optimize the flow of bulk materials, while reducing factors that influence the environment negatively.
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We leverage our decades of experience with the latest technologies to deliver flow-controlled transfer chute solutions that meet your current and future needs.

Why choose Weba Chutes?

5000+ Chutes Installed

Weba Chute Systems & Solutions pioneered the world-renowned, patented Weba Transfer Chute System. We pride ourselves on our superior products and ability to provide tailored bulk material transfer solutions, from concept design through to project delivery and maintenance. We serve many industries, including ports, steel making plants, mining (iron ore, gold, coal, chrome, manganese, diamonds, platinum) and agriculture.

We use the most advanced software to engineer our chutes systems and have been improving material transfer and the entire mining process for almost half a century.

Our legacy is built on bespoke solution designs for the mining industry on a global scale. With over 5000 successful installations in more than 20 countries around the world, Weba has been synonymous with quality, innovation and credibility since 1991 when the industry renowned Weba chute was designed and manufactured.

Each chute installation has unique requirements, applications and onsite conditions. These aspects make accuracy absolutely essential to our output. With our enhanced design process, fabrication and installation, our chutes are unrivalled by design.

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